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April 17, 1963 September 11, 2020
April 17, 1963 -- September 11, 2020

Joseph "Joe" John Marotto

Joe was born April 17, 1963, the youngest of four children born to John James and Carolyn Sue (Tigert) Marotto. Joe attended elementary school at St. Pius X Catholic School and graduated from Bishop Lynch High School in 1981. He is survived by his parents John and Carolyn; older brother, Daniel and wife Sara; and sisters: Cathy and husband Mike Thompson; Teresa and husband Christopher Murphy. He is also survived by 7 nephews and 4 nieces and many, many great and great-great nieces and nephews. Joe is preceded in death by his nephew Stephen Anthony (Tony) Murphy and his grandparents Dominic and Mary Marotto and Edmund and Catherine Tigert. Joe will be remembered for his keen sense of humor with legendary stories about Cathy, Teresa, and Joe getting in trouble. He would always make the girls laugh, so they would get punished and he would go free. One time our father said, "The first one who laughs gets a spanking". Joe, always looking for a way out, responded, "What about the second?" Of course, everyone laughed. Joe found humor everywhere. Later in life, Joe found that he needed to have a valve replacement, open heart surgery. About a week after being released from the hospital he began to have palpitations and an irregular heartbeat, so they told him to come in to the emergency room to see about a pacemaker. After arriving at the emergency room, he was hooked up to a defibrillator, which shocked him every minute or so to keep his heartbeat on rhythm. After, about an hour of this and a lot of pain for Joe, they turned the machine down and began asking questions in preparation for the pacemaker placement. The nurse asked Joe if he was allergic to anything, and his response was, "electricity". Joe and his sense of humor will be greatly missed. Joe Marotto was a minimalist by nature. He had very few possessions by choice; and he kept to a small circle of friends and family. Joe had the gift of being content with what he had and with wherever he found himself. He was a grateful person. Joe was fun to give gifts to, Christmas, or Birthday, because he was always excited about whatever you gave him. Joe Marotto searched his whole life for his purpose. Joe had a number of different jobs and he always used his job experience to try and better his parent's life. Whether it was cable installation, roofing, carpentry or seasonal work, Joe always brought what he learned home. His family had a chance to enjoy the fruits of his labor; especially from one particular seasonal holiday job he had, hanging Christmas lights. Our DIY efforts paled in comparison to Joe's professional Christmas Lights. It was Joe's way of making Christmas special for his parents and family. In his later years, Joe continued to wander, looking for a place to hang his flag, on a private quest to find his purpose. We stand in the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ that Joe finally found fullfillment on 9/11/2020, and that he will be a member of God's Kingdom for eternity. Perhaps he will be hanging more lights in the night sky to remind us to always look up and keep searching for God and our purpose. Thank you Joe, and may you find love, peace and mercy with Jesus Christ. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated Monday September 21, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. St. Pius X Catholic Church, 3030 Gus Thomasson Rd. Dallas, Tx. 75228. In lieu of flowers please make a donation in Joseph's name.