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February 10, 1930 October 12, 2020
February 10, 1930 -- October 12, 2020

Lee Iris Talley

My Moms a movie star"...a 4 year old son, bragged in 1954. Lee Iris Beshear Talley passed away peacefully at Garland Serenity Nursing home early in the day on October, 12 2020. Even in her last days, she was comforted daily, visited by many loving friends and family. Her life stories, written in so many hearts are happy and will safely endure. Lee loved each place she lived. In addition to her large remaining family, she claimed church friends as life long family too. She served others with a rare type of vitality and joy.. Lee was born February 10, 1930 in Foreman, Arkansas to Lester C. and Letha Gladys Beshear. She graduated from Foreman High School, where she was a cheer leader and was often asked to sing. She co-wrote her High School song. Lee attended Southern State Teacher's College in Magnolia, Arkansas where she met and married her life's love, James Edward Talley. The young Talley couple moved from Arkansas to Texas so Jim, after serving in the navy in WWII, could graduate from SMU. . Jim and Lee raised 4 children; Sandy, Steve, Ken and Michael, the latter 2, still living. Her beloved Jim passed December 1991. He was Lee's "one and only" love of her life. Lee lived 48 years in their Garland home, before deciding to "clear clutter" moving to active Senior Apartments, Evergreen in Mesquite. Though her beloved son, Steve (a great singer too) and his wife, who Lee loved, like a daughter, though first Steve and Diane offered their fun Mom their own home, to come live, she preferred her independence most, never wanting to be a burden. Later daughter-like Diane, again repeated the offer of her home with her special husband, Chuck and dog Marty, who also loved Lee, she preferred life on her own terms. Three other homes were offered Lee, too. She like Lee's Mom lived their own path with their Great Shepherd leading and were fearless. Lee was happily active. She traveled the world, danced twice weekly, preferring ball room dancing and she grew an ever widening range of friends, spanning multiple cultures. I never heard her speak of any friend or family that she ever "lost" or gave up on, not even one. Once hers, then always hers truly for life.. Feisty fun, son Ken joining his Mom for Thanksgiving holiday dinners a few years back, never knew what Mom Lee's might cook. After faithfully slow cooking 60 Turkeys in 60 years, she delighted then serving enchiladas and other tasty, non traditional holiday items. She entertained with skits at family reunions and church parties. "laughter is better than a medicine" she said quoting Proverbs.. Lee retired as a teachers aid, working in the Garland School system, where she "adopted" many kids and their parents, mentored young teachers and even a principal or 2 with common sense and a generous giving spirit... Lee leaves her 2 sons, 8 grandkids, 29 great grandkids, and 4 great-great grandchildren to carry on her loving legacy..she knew each one by name, their inlaws, their voices on the phone and usually their family and friends pets names, Named after England's Queen, Fergie was her much loved and missed pet bull dog, though Peppy and past registered dachshunds with long German appropriate names, shortened to nicknames like Nosy, she loved greatly. She is remembered for her generous laughter, her love for family, love for her Lord Jesus and her feisty,life long fun to be with style. She loved daughter Sandra's kids, grandkids, Richard, Jenny and Ashley as much she loved her own children. She loved her grandkids children too, an entire group, who all adored Mema.. She loved grandkids, Kim & Dan Pempin and their beautiful family in Missouri. She admired, loved and respected grandson Sam Talley, who has lived in Kansas most of his life. She loved Sam, especially he wrote her a loving letter last December. She called Amanda Hostetler "wonder woman" and thought Doug and ALL their many kids were unique super powered missionaries bound for future great things, as she said of all family. If family stumbled, she never gave up on any of them. Lee is survived by grown sons, Ken who lives in north Texas and Michael with Judy and their large family in the Seattle, WA area. Also by her beloved brother-in-law, Robert Talley and Marilyn and their large loving family in California. Nieces, nephews Sue, Cathy, Aubrey Talley and Carol, Sanford and Rene Beshear. She loved each of these and their parents deeply. Niece Sue referred to Lee as "a treasure", her husband Don thought of Lee as an adopted mother and she loved him as a son. She loved Finis Beauchamp, now a pastor in Florida, one of several people who've said, "Lee saved my life".. . Alma Lawson was loved like a sister of which Mom had many, though none were biological, they were.ALL sisters and they each knew it. They vacationed on cruises with Ann Dennis and Maudie, who laughed with her "sisters" kids, as they reviewed adventures they had taken to far flung world locations. Lee will be buried next to husband, Jim, and daughter Sandra at Restland Cemetery in Dallas. She is reunited now with these, Lee's Mom and many others that she invited to her new Home now. Lee invites ALL who read this to come be adopted by Him and become part of her eternally happy family. Lee's invitation is the same to you that Lee heard, as a young girl listening to the words of a popular radio song. (If you haven't heard it, she might suggest Louis Armstrong, Sachmo's (not a downer) YouTube's version of, "oh when the Saints, go marching in, when the Saints go marching in, O Lord I want to be in THAT number, when the Saints go marching in" . She knew at that time, she wouldn't be "marching in" so by herself, after reading her small WWII Bible given to all military recruits, which her brother, then gave her. Lee, then announced to her Mom, "I'm going to become a Christian as I now believe in Jesus". Her Mom accepted the same invitation, years later. Some of you reading this heard Lee invite you and you have already accepted His free Gift for yourself. Lee from the other side invites you to join those living, if you have not accepted His free Gift yet, to ask Him into your heart, you are only a prayer away. Accept as Lee did, so you can join her, as Jesus said to the thief on the cross near Him, "this day you will be in Paradise". Now I am counting on you ALL, to make our family version of "oh when the Saints" lively and loud (and happy), so here's what I ask from each of you: --beautiful grandson Ben and wife Amy, your 2 boys and daughter, take a break from the Beatles, to sing and dance this song along with me! ALL teach this song to those you see at church and school and work. --lively grandson Josh, Shannon and girls, use your microphone. Let it be loud so Grandpa Pete and Grandma Karen want to sing and tap their feet with us. --friends Linda and Jerry Waters, along with your kids, let the keys on the piano ring along with grandaughter Kim's piano. --Let the Sonshine singers, that I sang with too, sing happily along too, remember, all smiles, giggles and laughter, --Great grand daughter Lexi, I've heard your beautiful voice, teach it to your friends and family, don't hold back, let it rip! --Ezra, Isaiah, Daddy Doug, Faith and all those singing Hostetlers, let me hear your entire family, low notes, guitars, high notes. This is NOT a sad sing along. --Ryan, Sarah and boys, Amanda and Caleb and whatever you will name your kids, we know they'll be future music teachers. Show how fun life in Christ can be,,and IS. He is the "I AM" Nieces and nephews scattered all over, I'm counting on you in your families, John Talley play those drums, these words should ring out, they are Living and give Life... As you sing and dance, ALL smiles are okay. Laughter is better. Teach this song to all your families and those mission fields, let everything that hath breath and if you can't sing, then dance....."Rejoice and again we say, Rejoice". Can't we all "march in" singing and dancing together? He is willing and I am counting on you, always in Joy. Lee's last words to son Michael, were the exactly same as from her husband Jim's last words, in 1991, extended to all of you until you join them later, "I love you"